Cilantro Jalapeno Margarita

We started working on the Cape house again. It's amazing the amount we've done... the kitchen has been demoed, electrical work is mostly complete, rooms are starting to get painted. We have a vision and as we accomplish each task, we see it begin to take shape.  However, it feels that with every project completed, another problem comes up. It's all fixable, just a little frustrating. I have to remind myself that one day we won't even remember how exhausting it all is. We'll just enjoy the experience of sharing this home. We'll create memories there that will make all this hard work worth it. 

I had my first cilantro drink the other week, and I realized it'd be the perfect addition to a spicy margarita. Now, I know a "perfect margarita" is just tequila, lime and Cointreau, but this is my idea of the perfect margarita: herbal, spicy, savory, tangy and just a little sweet.

Cilantro Jalapeno Margarita

1 drink (but can easily be multiplied)

Rocks glass

2 oz tequila
1 oz lime juice
1/2 oz Cointreau
1 slice jalapeno (with or without seeds, depending on how spicy you'd like it)
5 cilantro leaves

Lime wedge (a used one will do just fine, it just needs some juice in it)
Salt (I used Tajin Clasico with Lime, but Kosher salt works fine)

1. Pour salt onto a plate. Rub the rim of the glass with the lime wedge and then dip the rim into the salt, spin slowly until rim is lightly coated in salt.

2. Pour tequila, lime juice, Cointreau into a mixing glass, along with the jalapeno and cilantro.

3. Using a muddler, mash the jalapeno and cilantro until it's thoroughly broken up. 

4. Fill rimmed glass with ice and strain drink into the glass.