The Sazerac Cocktail

Like food, every cocktail has a story behind it.  There are obviously the personal connections that one has to a drink.  For me, I'll always think of warm summer afternoons when I'm sipping a gin and tonic.  Steaming mugs of hot toddies go hand in hand with Downton Abbey marathons. And champagne... well, I will never forget our meal at The French Laundry and the marriage of bubbly with the briny poached oysters and tapioca "pearls" in custard.

I started this blog because I feel that there is so much to learn from cooking and food.  Beyond these experiences, however, are the historical tales that go along with each dish.  Do some research into your favorite food, and you'll surely be able to uncover an elaborate story.

And the same goes for alcoholic libations.  For my latest piece for The Boys' Club, the cocktail blog that I started with a wonderfully talented bunch of male bloggers, I begin a new series focusing on the history of cocktails.  This month's feature is on the much beloved Sazerac, a drink that has a much deeper (and more convoluted) story than I expected.  Head on over to The Boys Club to read all about the Sazerac.