An Evening with Grafton Street + Berkshire Mountain Distillers

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This week, I was invited to a very special dinner at Grafton Street in Harvard Square where their chef, Eric Gregory, and bartender, Morgan Carney, created a menu pairing dishes with cocktails using gin from Berkshire Mountain Distillers.  As a fan of BMD and the folks at Grafton, I was excited to see what they would present.  I was struck by how naturally the cocktails worked with the food, in particular the first drink that incorporated muddled watermelon.  It was a bright, refreshing beverage that worked beautifully with the smoked salmon.  Neither overpowered the other, and that's an impressive feat especially when working with such delicate flavors.  I hope the photos show just how enjoyable the food and cocktails were... it also helped that we were sitting outside on the patio.  The perfect way to spend a summer night.

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Chef: Eric Gregory

Bartender: Morgan Carney




Hot Smoked Atlantic Salmon

Rhubarb Pickle, Grilled Romaine Heart, Juniper Vinaigrette

Paired With:

Greylock Gin, Aperol, Muddled Watermelon, Fresh Lemon



Berkshire Pork Hock Cake

Pistachios, Rosemary, Cherry and Black Pepper Preserves

Paired With:

Ethereal Gin #8, Cherry-Peppercorn Shrub, Cherry Bitters, Fresh Lime



Harissa Rubbed Flank Steak (not pictured here)

Coriander, Watermelon & Cucumber Panzanella

Paired WIth:

Ethereal Gin #9, Lillet Blanc, Sparkling Wine, Muddled Cucumber



Grilled Peaches & Brie

Spiced Cardamon Honey, Candied Rosemary

Paired With:

Greylock Gin, Sap House Sugar Maple Mead, Orgeat Syrup, Fresh Lime