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Silent Sunday: The Big Traveling Potluck 2013

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  • DesMay 5, 2013 - 12:33 am

    <3 Wish I was still there! You captured it beautifully.ReplyCancel

  • MikeVFMKMay 5, 2013 - 2:43 am

    What a wonderful weekend! Beautiful pictures Brian! I can’t wait to witness this myself. In person.ReplyCancel

  • ChristineMay 5, 2013 - 8:35 am

    Awesome!!! Your photos are great. Everyone looks happy and really, really photogenic. I so love your work.ReplyCancel

  • GailMay 5, 2013 - 9:10 am

    When you make photos like these to tell a story, words are unnecessary and superfluous.ReplyCancel

  • SMITH BITESMay 5, 2013 - 10:12 am

    you’ve captured the weekend perfectly Brian!ReplyCancel

  • Lori @ RecipeGirlMay 5, 2013 - 10:47 am

    So fun to re-live it all! Great to see you, Brian! You captured everything beautifully!ReplyCancel

  • WenderlyMay 5, 2013 - 10:58 am

    What PHENOMENAL captures Brian!! I actually felt like I was there! (wish I could have been) :)


  • Jen @ Savory SimpleMay 5, 2013 - 11:10 am

    Great photos! I can’t wait to attend the east coast BSP in July :)ReplyCancel

  • KristenMay 5, 2013 - 1:08 pm

    Makes me wish I had an event for you to come photograph – you are so talented :)ReplyCancel

  • Leah@wineimbiberMay 5, 2013 - 1:20 pm

    You’ve captured the essence of the weekend perfectly! Simply beautiful.ReplyCancel

  • Joan NovaMay 5, 2013 - 3:47 pm

    Wonderful photos with lots of familiar faces. Looks like a great time!ReplyCancel

  • AnonymousMay 5, 2013 - 4:28 pm

    I love avocados on my burgers.ReplyCancel

  • meg jones wallMay 5, 2013 - 6:48 pm

    love these photos – looks like a blast. thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel

  • Averie @ Averie CooksMay 5, 2013 - 9:13 pm

    I was at Big PL! I was only able to make it to the first night but I was there and am in a photo in your post :) Sorry we didn’t get a chance to meet but next time, right!

    And I am in love with your post. The images are all just STUNNING! Thanks for taking the TIME to compile this!ReplyCancel

  • Averie @ Averie CooksMay 5, 2013 - 9:15 pm

    Ok just kidding…we did talk cameras for a quick second on Friday night. I was super impressed with how dedicated you were capturing everything and it just shows. Such gorgeous captures!ReplyCancel

  • TidyMomMay 6, 2013 - 7:19 am

    Brilliant Brian!! Looks like you all had an amazing time, you pictures are wonderful!!ReplyCancel

  • Liz @ The Lemon BowlMay 6, 2013 - 7:35 am

    These photos truly capture a million words. The colors, the smiles, the food!! What a great time.ReplyCancel

  • JeanetteMay 6, 2013 - 7:48 am

    Wow, looks like it was a great event – thanks for capturing it for us.ReplyCancel

  • Bev @ Bev CooksMay 6, 2013 - 10:12 am

    Wait, I thought we agreed you were going to photoshop my face into at least 70% of these photos.


  • JeannineMay 6, 2013 - 11:12 am

    Stunning photos beautifully capture the mood of BTP. Loved meeting you Brian.ReplyCancel

  • shelly (cookies and cups)May 6, 2013 - 6:35 pm

    I ADORE this recap in pictures! I feel like I was there!ReplyCancel

  • Sommer @ ASpicyPerspectiveMay 6, 2013 - 9:52 pm

    Looks like you guys had a great time! :)ReplyCancel

  • I’m sad I wasn’t able to make it out this time, looks like a great weekend!ReplyCancel

  • JoanneMay 7, 2013 - 8:14 am

    With of all of these pictures I almost feel like I was there with you! Can’t wait to see you at BSP!!ReplyCancel

  • Russell van KraayenburgMay 7, 2013 - 11:32 am

    Look at all you food bloggers having a blast.ReplyCancel

  • ElizabethMay 7, 2013 - 1:23 pm

    Those were the best photos I have seen on any blogging event!!! What a wonderful beautiful delicious time you had.ReplyCancel

  • AmandaMay 7, 2013 - 1:52 pm

    Wonderful photos Brian!! You captured the weekend perfectly. Was such a pleasure to finally get to meet you!! Hope to see you again soon!! :)ReplyCancel

  • Diane {Created by Diane}May 7, 2013 - 9:29 pm

    What a great recap of the weekend Brian, it was so nice meeting you. Your photos are just wonderful! As I was scrolling and enjoying them all, I was surprised to see the one of me :) pure joy written all over my face! It was a great weekend and I hope to see you again!ReplyCancel

  • Aimee @ Simple BitesMay 7, 2013 - 9:53 pm

    Brian, you worked so hard and it shows! What a beautiful recap. I was totally transported through your lens down to SoCal and into the middle of all these smiling, beautiful people. Thanks for sharing.ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie @ Eat. Drink. Love.May 8, 2013 - 11:28 pm

    I love these photos! It looks like it was so much fun!ReplyCancel

  • […] We were so busy, there wasn’t a moment to take photos, so I am using the stunning photos taken by our photographer and good friend, Brian Samuels (you should totally hire him…no seriously). He’s wildly talented, insightful, and most importantly, he catches those subtle moments you might otherwise miss. So thank you to Brian for giving me permission to use his photos. He posted a lot more from the event on his blog recap. […]ReplyCancel

  • LirenMay 10, 2013 - 11:43 pm

    I knew I could count on you to make me feel as though I were the with you! So many of my favorite people in one gorgeous place!ReplyCancel

  • ShainaMay 13, 2013 - 6:39 pm

    I so enjoyed looking back at these. It was so good seeing you, but that goes without saying. Lovely photos, Brian.ReplyCancel

  • […] a whirlwind trip out to Los Angeles by way of New Jersey. After a long weekend out west for the Big Traveling Potluck, I returned to my parents house to help out as my mom recovered from an operation.  It was nice to […]ReplyCancel

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