Silent Sundays

Silent Sunday was started as a way for me to promote some of my favorite restaurants and places through photographs.  Each post is meant to speak through images and consists of little to no text.

Boston/New England:

Alden and Harlow (Cambridge, MA)

Beacon Hill Hotel and Bistro (Boston, MA)

Drink (Boston, MA)

Night Shift Brewery (Everett, MA)

Pain D’Avignon (Cape Cod, MA)

Staff Meal Food Truck (Boston, MA)

Sweet Basil (Needham, MA)

The Farmhouse (Needham, MA)

Duck Fat (Portland, Maine)

3 Little Figs (Cambridge, MA)

Martha’s Vineyard Food and Wine Festival

The South End (Boston, MA)

Sportello (Boston, MA)

The Spotted Tiger at The Hawthorne (Boston, MA)

The Butcher Shop (Boston, MA)

Tatte Bakery (Cambridge, MA)

The Hawthorne (Boston, MA)

Uni (Boston, MA)


Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream (Columbus, OH)

Vernon Yoder’s Dairy Farm (Ohio)

Ohio Maple Sugar Tour

Rockmill Brewery (Lancaster, OH)

Cafe Brioso (Columbus, OH)

Milestone 229 (Columbus, OH)

Middle West Spirits (Columbus, OH)

The Brothers Drake Meadery (Columbus, OH)

Skillet (Columbus, OH)

Pistacia Vera (Columbus, OH)


CBD Provisions (Dallas, TX)

El Naranjo (Austin, TX)

Ramen Tatsu-Ya (Austin, TX)

Trio at The Four Seasons (Austin, TX)

New York/New Jersey:

Bellocq (Brooklyn, NY)

Buvette (New York, NY)

The Pie Store (Montclair, NJ)


Las Vegas


Porta Palazzo  (Torino, Italy)

Dolce Stil Novo (Torino, Italy)