Food + Travel: Our Moroccan Breakfast + a Trip to the Bakery (Torino, Italy)

Waiting for us when we arrived at the Moroccan restaurant, Al-Andalus, which is located near Porto Palazzo in Torino, was a handsome gentleman with a warm, welcoming grin.  Our host, Vittorio Castellani, promptly brought us to the dining room.  Pitchers of blood orange juice and kettles of sweet tea brewed with mint leaves were served to us as the chef described the dishes, which consisted of crepes and honey, cornmeal biscuits and other delicious (carb heavy) treats.

From here, we traveled to an Arab bakery, where more sugary confections were consumed.  It was a modest space and the baker, who provided lots of heartfelt smiles, was equally so.  But the baked goods, ranging from baklava to a pastry made with couscous, were all beautifully made.

Disclaimer: This post is a part of a series that I will be doing on Torino, Italy. I was recently invited to take part in an all-expense paid tour of the area.  The views on my blog are my own and in no way was I monetarily compensated for writing this entry (or required to post, for that matter).


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