Irish Whiskey Smash

Eric and I have lived in South Boston (known as "Southie" in these parts) for a number of years and have grown to love the character of the neighborhood.  Take, for instance, the local St. Patrick's Day celebrations.  It's not classy by any means... but it's a heck of a lot of fun.  People are cheerful (ok, they're tipsy) and everyone hangs out on the street.  It's one giant party.  We typically start the day with a big brunch (mimosas and sometimes stronger concoctions are consumed) and then we make our way through apartments (this is where we stumble into a party thrown at our friend's cousin's coworker's brother's place).  By around five, we've had it and the group scrounges up a bit of food for an early dinner.  Bed soon follows.

As I said, it's not classy.  But we have a great time.  This year, though, we'll actually be heading up north to celebrate my mother-in-law's 70th birthday, but we'll be thinking of our friends and neighbors in Southie, who I am sure will be having a blast.  Maybe they'll mix up this Irish Whiskey Smash in honor of the holiday.

Get the Irish Whiskey Smash recipe over at The Boys Club.